NewspapeRTS Help

How to build the best newspaper stand in town?


Press E to get more dollars.
Press F to pause/unpause.

The shopkeeper does as the shopkeeper is told.
Move the shopkeeper around by clicking anywhere.
Convert currencies to dollars by clicking on the currency pile.
Restock newspapers by clicking on the newspaper pile.
Stash dollars by clicking on the stash.

The shopkeeper must be standing near a person to serve them.
Most people are in a hurry and will leave if you don't serve them fast enough.
Order shopkeeper to sell a newspaper by clicking on people with green glow.

People will pay in various currencies. The shopkeeper is not too picky.
(Dollars, cigarettes, bottle caps and rocks.)
They need to be converted to dollars before you can use them.

Large stacks of currency attract thieves.
Order shopkeeper to shoo a thief by clicking on people with orange glow.
(You also get the stolen currency back when doing so.)

Dealers will sell you various upgrades to your stand.
+Stash increases its capacity.
+Stand attracts more customers.
+Money pile protects it against thieves.
+Advertising attracts some more customers. Can be upgraded infinitely.